It’s showtime!


It’s not us but our customers who have made us the best in events and shows. If you are looking for event planning companies, look no further than Asterix Kraftworks. We are your ideal partners in giving you successful events and shows. We are proud to tell you how our company’s name comes to everyone’s mind living in the UAE when it comes to staging event management or event planning stages. Known for perfection, our team of professionals are not only exceptional but also highly successful.

Our mantra has been “Think, Design, and Build” since Asterix Kraftworks made its amazing advent in the market 27 years ago. Providing you with services that include event concept design, corporate events/weddings, mega shows/award ceremonies, stage, truss and rigging solutions, product launch/fun activities, and advanced light and sound technology, we are, no doubt, the best out of all events and exhibition companies in Dubai.

  • Event Concept Designing
  • Corporate events / Weddings
  • Mega shows / Award Ceremony
  • Product launch / Fun Activities
  • Stage, Truss and rigging solutions
  • Advanced Light and Sound technology